After watching the movie and thinking the health system is operating in this country that for the time of opportunity. I really do not think the health system is poor in this country at all until I saw the movie.

Drugs for a Change

Each resident in the United States should be entitled to free health insurance, the government needs to act on this as soon as possible. Health insurance companies should be eliminated and the government needs to set up pharmaceutical company and make all public services. The health insurance industry has for the immediate prosecution while people die every day.

Health insurance company

That never occurred to me that things like the family moved from their homes to go live in a store just because they are too high deductibles on their health insurance and can not afford to pay. So they have to sell the house and out to eat greedy insurance companies that extract those with a high co-payment and the monthly premium.

What about the other woman in the film is that health insurance was canceled because he forgot to put on the form that has a yeast infection is fully resolved with the prescription cream.

A man with kidney cancer could be saved with a bone marrow transplant denied by insurance companies, because the family could not afford the payment of pocket, so what do they do? Let him die rather than give him treatment that is right for the citizens of this.

Another case involved a mother and child calls 911 because her son has high fever and needs medical treatment immediately. When in the hospital that he was denied treatment because the hospital does not have a hospital network. So out of all this resolved with the insurance company was too late and her daughter died at the time they reached the second hospital.

What blew me away is the fact that women in the film to explore the streets, women are still confused and not know where he is or where it was. Everything that was in the hospital that he was really thin and clothing that is dragged in the streets. Luckily someone from the place where they left the road and safety. The hospital because of high health insurance ran out.

Summary of our health system is broken and needs established by the government, no matter what I say. This film opens our eyes to what is happening in our health care system.